Minnesota Adult Basic Education
Assessment Training
For more information or to schedule a training,
Marty Olsen,
Assessment Trainer
       News and Notes:

GED 2014 is here! Do you know what steps your students
will need to follow to complete the GED testing process?
Check out this activity, presented by Amy Vickers at the
2013 Support Services Conference.
GED Program Logistics Planning Activity

Click HERE for copies of other presentations that were
shared by presenters at the Support Services Conference.
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What are some of the common mistakes that people make
when they administer a CASAS or TABE assessment?

Take a look at this video to see if you can identify the

TSI: Testing Scene Investigation

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After watching the video, do you think that
your ABE program could use a refresher in
testing?Check the
Training Calendar to see if
there is a currently scheduled training that
you could attend!

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Types of Trainings Available:

This is a basic, introductory training designed to walk
participants through the CASAS assessment process,
from appraisal through post-testl
Click here for lesson plans linked to the CASAS

This is a basic training that will introduce the
participants  to the TABE assessment system, from
locator test to post-test.
Click here for links that may be used by students in
online preparation for improving their TABE scores.

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Guidelines for Requesting a Training:
1. Trainings should be requested at least six weeks in
advance of planned training date.  Contact Marty Olsen,

2. Allow at least 3 hours for an implementation training.
3. Provide the Trainer with an approximate number of
participants 4 weeks prior to the training.
4. Update the Trainer as to actual numbers of
participants scheduled to attend.
If you would like to attend a training, check our Training Calendar to see if a training is already
scheduled that would be convenient for you to attend.
**All trainings are funded through a
Minnesota Department of Education/Adult Basic Education
Supplemental Services Grant.
The grant is administered by
Southwest Adult Basic Education.
Welcome to the Minnesota Adult Basic Education Assessment Training website! Through the links
on this site, Minnesota educators can access basic information on the CASAS and TABE assessments,
schedule a training on one of these assessments, and access a calendar noting already-scheduled

Additionally, clicking on the links below will direct you to links to activities or lesson plans found on the
internet that can be used to address targeted competencies or increase skills.
Minnesota Department of Education
Minnesota Adult Basic Education

Professional Development:
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TABE Implementation Training
Online Professional Development
SPARC - Support Professionals Advisory Resource Committee

Assessment Products and Information:
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Minnesota Adult Basic Education Supplemental
Services Providers:
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CASAS Competency-based Lesson Plan Links
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